Use Your Eyes

Work inside a simple, yet flexible and feature rich editor, with tools popping up to aid you only when you need them.

Develop 2D Games

Create complex 2D games with the fully dedicated 2D engine (no need for 3D over 2D), using pixel coordinates and a wide array of tools.

Develop 3D Games

Create realistic looking 3D games with the dedicated 3D Engine, with full support for lights, shadows, occlusion, post processing, skeletal animation, etc. 


Add custom behaviors to any object by extending it with scripting, using the built-in editor with syntax highlighting and code completion.


Create simple or complex user interfaces, or make your own custom tools to edit your game content.


Animate your games with full support for editing, blending, animation trees, realtime cutscenes, calling function, or animate just any property exported by any node.


Add physics to your 2D and 3D scenes, through rigid and static bodies, characters, raycasts, vehicles and more.


Use the built-in debugger with breakpoints and stepping, or check the performance graphs for possible bottlenecks.  


One-Click deploy to several platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, BB10 and HTML5.


Extend the editor and your game by using plugins, which add extra functionality for both.

Work in a Team

Develop projects in a team using any choice of VCS, as Godot integrates flawlessly with all of them.

Be Free!

Modify the engine and publishing your games without restrictions, as Godot is distributed under the generous MIT license.